Staedtler Fimo Single LACE TRIM Texture Sheet Craft Art Fun 16.7cm x 14cm

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FIMO Texture Sheet For A Lace Trim Effect

Flexible Sheet Approximately 16cm x 14cm

Quick & easy - press on, peel off with exact imprint results. Transparent:  ideal for accurate positioning this is flexible & durable, professional quality for flat and curved objects with a long lifespan.

Fimo Clay Texture Sheets. Staedtler plastic clay texture sheets are full of fun, creative and easy to use ways to create the perfectly and realistically textured clay. 

Fimo Oven Hardening Polymer Clay Softener Rejuvenator - Aid - Accessory

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Fimo Oven Hardening Clay Softener Rejuvenator 

Kneading medium for FIMO: Soft, neutral mixing compound

perfect for blending with crumbly or hard FIMO classic to make kneading easier

When used in proper proportion (approximately one part Mix Quick to 5 parts FIMO classic),  colours will not change, if you use a higher proportion of Mix Quick the resulting mixture may be somewhat lighter than the original colour.

Excellent for children

100g block

This product from the makers of Fimo is a whitish-coloured, somewhat translucent, solid bar of "clay". It is most commonly used to soften hard or crumbly clay. Mixing a little in with classic polymer clay can ease the conditioning process. It can also be used to extend deeply saturated colours. Mix Quick can also be useful when working with inclusions that might make regular clay too dry and crumbly.

Suitable for all FIMO polymer clay